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Dynamic Ads

Maximize your existing inventory revenue and introduce new opportunities to increase revenues streams through our state of the art Dynamic Ads solution and increase your revenue upto 60%.

Video Uploading

We provide a premium plug-and-play video solution that receives and showcases original, topic-specific video content paired with in-stream programmatic advertising from the world’s leading demand sources.


Ad-TechSolution publisher solutions detect pre-violation to protect our publishers from getting ban through advanced proprietary optimization technologies, analysis management tools and services.

Custom development

Our team tunes into your needs to help you build the right platform for managing your advertising by creating a custom video player, flash to htm5 video player and WordPress plugins.


We know your getting good $$ from your current display ads but we guarantee to beat your existing earnings through our iAdX. Check your site eligibility and estimate monthly revenue.

Supported ad formats

Maximize your existing inventory revenue and introduce new opportunities to increase revenues streams through our supported ad formats including banner and video.

Sticky Ads

These ads are placed in between the text or media within the main content area of a website and expand to reveal themselves as the user scrolls down the page.


Outstream and Instream Videos with smart features: close button, sticky, floating and in-content floating,Up to 80% Fillrate and 15$ CPM from a deep pool of buyers,No latency risk

In-image Ads

This format enables publishers to create an additional channel of ad revenue on a website by scanning web pages and overlaying contextual ads on top of editorial images.

We provide high quality services & for the realiable growth

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Contact Us

Digital Solutions

Digital transformation with low-code technology solutions to help companies deliver enterprise applications faster.

OutSystems Training

We help onboard developers to become productive OutSystems developers in a few weeks.

Our Vision

We strongly believe in developing long term business relationship with our direct clients and end users by focused working and productive follow up of all feedbacks.


Plug into the entire programmatic ecosystem with premium publishers and world class advertisers